What reason is 20 years old lumbago

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Many women are weak and often have symptoms of backache, but they don't seem to have any diseases in their body, just can't think clearly. Let me introduce the reasons why women often have low back pain.

What reason is 20 years old lumbago

The first reason is that when you have a sore waist, you may think whether it is the cause of the damage to the lumbar muscles. Standing, sitting down and lifting heavy things for a long time can easily cause the pain. And twisting the waist carelessly and damaging the lumbar muscles are the causes of the pain.

Reason 2: the second is to pay attention to, is to go to the hospital to check whether there are some gynecological diseases such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on, this is to pay attention to, if long-term acid low back pain, oneself first observe the leucorrhea those have abnormal, if there are, you can go to check.

Reason 3: the third is that women don't pay much attention to their diet during menstruation, which can also lead to low back pain. They don't eat cold and spicy food during menstruation, otherwise it is easy to cause low back pain and dysmenorrhea. In terms of diet, women should pay attention to rest during menstruation, not too tired.

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Low back pain in general women may be more prone to occur, if not too serious, we should not pay much attention. Women should take good care of themselves and pay attention to their diet and living habits. I hope the above introduction is helpful to you.