How does face grow a lot of small acne to do

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Acne, also known as youth acne, is a chronic inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which mainly occurs in the face, chest and back and other fatty areas. The lesions are self limited and pleomorphic. Such as acne, papules, pustules, nodules. Often accompanied by seborrhea, after puberty, mostly cured or reduced. So how does the face grow a lot of small acne to do? Now let me share my experience with you.

How does face grow a lot of small acne to do

First: the easiest way is to buy some nose mask. Every night after washing the face, you stick a place in the long acne spot. Every time you tear it down, you can see that there are many black heads on it. Then use toner gently pat on the nose and other acne prone parts, after a while you will find that the effect is very good.

Second: another method is also effective and feasible: buy some pearl powder, mix it with appropriate amount of water, spread it on the face, then massage slowly until the pearl powder on the face becomes dry, and then wash it with water. The effect of this method is also very good.

Third: there is another way you can try, that is, massage the acne area with salt. Every time after washing the face, while the skin is not dry, and then a small amount of salt gently massage for 30 seconds, and then rinse with water after 10 minutes. Once a week. Treatment of acne and blackhead, but also have a certain effect.

matters needing attention

1. Eat less sweets, fatty and spicy food, avoid drinking. 2. Drink more water, avoid constipation, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. 3. It is not necessary to squeeze the damaged area with hands and use drugs correctly. 4. To control their emotions, you can do some physical exercise.