What symptom can oviduct block have

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The normal physiological function of the female fallopian tube plays an important role in the fertility function. The fallopian tube is the upward passage of sperm, the place where fertilized eggs combine, and also the track for transporting sperm and eggs. Therefore, when salpingitis or pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, the fallopian tube is prone to adhesion or complete atresia, resulting in infertility. So the importance of fallopian tubes for women, women must know. The following talk about if the fallopian tube blocked will have what symptoms.

What symptom can oviduct block have

Irregular menstruation, fallopian tube problems may affect the ovary, when the fallopian tube inflammatory foci affect the ovary, will cause varying degrees of damage to ovarian function, resulting in abnormal menstruation. Dysmenorrhea occurs in patients with tubal obstruction will have dysmenorrhea, long-term chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube will lead to pelvic congestion, resulting in blood stasis dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea is often accompanied by abdominal pain one week before menstruation, the closer the menstrual period, the heavier until menstruation.

Lower abdominal pain, a small number of patients in the fallopian tube inflammation, will feel lower abdominal pain, part of the fallopian tube umbrella end water patients will have the performance of chronic abdominal pain. When the fallopian tube is obstructed for a long time, some patients will have abdominal pain, falling, secretions, low back pain and other symptoms. Infertility is a typical symptom of tubal obstruction. The female fallopian tube plays an important role in transporting sperm, ingesting eggs and transporting the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. When the fallopian tube is damaged, it will form obstruction, hinder the passage of sperm and fertilized eggs, and lead to infertility.

Other serious tubal obstruction, in addition to infertility, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms, may also appear leucorrhea increase, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, labor affected or not durable, mental and neurological symptoms and mental depression. Understand the symptoms of tubal obstruction, feel if they have such a situation, it is necessary to timely treatment. Should be timely to the hospital for professional treatment, in order to avoid the occurrence of infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Among them, infertility has the greatest impact on the couple's feelings, and the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy can also cause life-threatening. Therefore, got tubal obstruction must be found in time, timely treatment, do not delay, otherwise it will be more serious.

matters needing attention

We should pay attention to the combination of work and rest. After suffering from fallopian tube blockage, we must combine work and rest in our daily life. We should not be too tired. If we feel tired in life, we should have a proper rest. We should not work hard and use brute force to carry heavy objects. This is helpful to alleviate the disease. Pay attention to maintenance, don't get cold. If the fallopian tube is blocked, the patient's body is very weak. Daily maintenance must not be ignored. In daily life, don't get cold. It's very helpful to alleviate the disease! Especially in the hot summer, women should pay more attention not to often blow air conditioning, so that the lower limbs and waist too cold, will aggravate the disease.