What symptom does long chilblain have?

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In the cold winter, many people's hands are not handled properly and they don't pay attention to keeping warm, which can easily lead to chilblain. In fact, chilblain has a serious impact on many people. Chilblain can cause redness and swelling of the whole hand, numbness in work and study, and unsightly scars. This also has a great impact on many patients, Because after chilblain is good, generally the hand will leave the black mark, this kind of black mark has brought the esthetic influence to the beauty lovers. Today, let's learn about the basic symptoms of chilblain.

What symptom does long chilblain have?

Chilblain usually occurs in the peripheral parts such as hands, feet, cheeks and so on. The skin lesions are itchy, localized, edematous erythema. The boundary is not clear. Blisters, erosion and ulcers may appear. Chilblain is localized at the beginning. It is a red mass or induration the size of nail cap. The edge is bright red, the center is blue, and the color is cold, Local itching, swelling, burning and frostbite, and sometimes infection,

Local cold skin is the precursor of frostbite. Subcutaneous blood vessels are stimulated and contracted under cold air. The blood in this area does not circulate, so it is difficult for local skin to heat itself. Therefore, before the appearance of frostbite, this area of skin is always very cold, because the blood can not flow to this area.

Long frostbite precursor, local itching is the most direct precursor of long frostbite, because the skin was stimulated by cold, blood vessels contracted for a long time, leading to blood circulation, hit the warm environment, blood vessels began to expand when hot, the skin will feel itchy, and only local skin will feel itchy.

matters needing attention

Frostbite can sometimes be complicated with infection, so once frostbite occurs in the cold season, it is often difficult to cure, and it will gradually heal after the day is warm. To reduce the occurrence of frostbite, the key is to do a good job in the prevention of exercise, and pay attention to the warmth of hands.