What reason is darling long haemorrhoid

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With the improvement of living standards, people's diet is more and more refined, lack of dietary fiber, baby often constipation, long-term constipation is easy to induce hemorrhoids and anal fissure. The age of baby with hemorrhoids is getting younger and younger. In the past, there were few children with hemorrhoids, but now there are more and more. So what's the reason for the baby's hemorrhoids in life? Let me tell you.

What reason is darling long haemorrhoid

First: children with hemorrhoids are mostly related to eating, especially constipation.

Second: mainly because eat too fine, cause constipation. Such a small child, if long-term constipation, hard stool will lead to anal rupture, rupture caused by inflammation, long-term stimulation on the formation of external hemorrhoids. Pediatric hemorrhoids should be called varicose veins, generally caused by constipation, so do not need medication treatment, as long as the stool is normal, hemorrhoids will heal

Third: mainly because with the improvement of living standards, parents pay more attention to high protein and high nutrition in their children's diet, ignoring the intake of dietary fiber. If parents find their children constipated, it is best to adjust their diet. The way is to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. If you are young, you can eat vegetable puree and fruit puree. She suggested that parents should cultivate their children's regular living habits, set time and place every day to train defecation, so as to establish a benign conditioned reflex and form the habit of defecation on time.

matters needing attention

Usually should pay attention to give children to eat more vegetables, to prevent constipation, can be treated with Mayinglong hemorrhoids ointment