How to return a responsibility all the time flustered

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Panic is a common psychological reaction, but also a common clinical symptom. Simple panic will not have any impact on people's health, but excessive panic may lead to disease. Simple palpitation is more common in arrhythmia. What's going on all the time? Let me tell you something.

How to return a responsibility all the time flustered

First: Patients of different ages should be treated differently when they are flustered. Young or middle-aged people often feel flustered, shaking hands, sweating, irritable and hungry for no reason, but they are obviously thin and afraid of heat, which often indicates that they may have hyperthyroidism. The symptoms are caused by increased basal metabolism.

Second: when the heart is flustered, it is accompanied by decreased urine volume and edema of both lower limbs. When it is serious, the edema can spread all over the body. If you can't lie on your back at night, you will feel out of breath when you lie on your back. You often feel pain in your small abdomen and right upper abdomen, and you have loss of appetite. This may lead to heart failure.

Third: women often feel flustered, chest tightness, body soreness, weakness, pale complexion, pale conjunctiva, should consider whether caused by anemia. If you have a history of menorrhagia, hemorrhoids, hookworm disease, long-term malnutrition and so on, it is more supportive of this diagnosis.

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In peacetime to pay attention to healthy diet, do not eat spicy food. Ensure adequate sleep and improve sleep quality. Strengthen physical exercise and improve physical quality. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.