The best treatment for rectal cancer

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The symptom of rectal cancer is a very serious malignant tumor disease. The causes of rectal cancer are directly related to the genetic factors, disease factors and environmental pollution. After the occurrence of symptoms of rectal cancer, in the early stage, it may be similar to the symptoms of hemorrhoids, so it is easy to misdiagnose, which will affect the treatment of rectal cancer. Because of the special location of rectal cancer, it is difficult to have a radical effect. The best treatment for rectal cancer? Do you know anything about this? Now let's talk about the best treatment for rectal cancer.

The best treatment for rectal cancer

Treatment 1: for patients with advanced rectal cancer, cancer cells have appeared the phenomenon of diffusion and metastasis, if you choose surgery for treatment, the curative effect is not very ideal, and can only choose palliative local resection, there is no good curative effect for comprehensive treatment. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment can be considered for the treatment of diseases, and the treatment principle is the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

Treatment 2: chemotherapy is a very common treatment method in clinic, which can kill cancer cells and destroy normal cells in the human body, thus playing a counterproductive effect. Therefore, in the course of treatment, we should carefully measure the dose and concentration of drugs according to the situation of patients, so as to avoid causing abnormal digestive and bone marrow hematopoietic function, as well as various toxic and side effects.

Treatment 3: in the process of radiotherapy, if it can cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, it can not only achieve the effect of Tonifying Qi and blood, but also improve the number of white blood cells, at the same time, it is of great help to increase the body's immune ability. Maintaining a normal body immunity is very effective for the rehabilitation of diseases.

matters needing attention

Got proctitis is in lactation friends remember to be in the doctor's advice to take medicine, often drink rice porridge or millet porridge, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of enteritis. Don't eat too spicy, too salty, too sweet food. Pay attention to the usual health habits. Pay more attention to rest, go to bed early and get up early.