Drugs for the treatment of epilepsy

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I have epilepsy. After staying in the dark room for a long time, looking out on the balcony often causes seizures, so I have to be hospitalized. My body gradually becomes healthy. Do you want to know the medicine for treating epilepsy? I'd like to discuss with you the drugs for the treatment of epilepsy.

Drugs for the treatment of epilepsy

Drug 1: 24 umbilical cords (or placenta and umbilical cord). Wash, cut into small pieces, fry with water in casserole, take 1 dose in 3 days; or put the small pieces into the pot to dry, grind them into powder, and take them with boiling water. It is reported that this prescription is effective for all types of epilepsy, especially for localized seizures and minor seizures. If the course of disease is long, it can be cured after 4 weeks; if the course of disease is short, it can be cured after 12 weeks.

Drug 2: borax, cinnabar, a total of very fine powder, early and late each, 1 month for a course of treatment, taking 3 courses. It is reported that this prescription has curative effect on primary or secondary epilepsy. 1 scorpion, dry with clean tiles, grind, wash fresh leeks, mix the two, rub leeks to mud, squeeze the juice, put brown sugar into the juice. Then put it in the rice pot, cook with rice, take it out after cooked, cool to warm, take it off once on an empty stomach. The patients with seizures less than once a month took medicine once a week or 23 times a month; the patients with seizures 13 times a month took medicine 23 times a week. 5 weeks is a course of treatment. In order to consolidate the curative effect, 45 courses of treatment were taken continuously.

Drug 3: drug treatment of epilepsy is a good method, but different types of epilepsy need different drugs, patients should go to the regular hospital for examination, only symptomatic treatment, in order to make the patient's disease better.

matters needing attention

Epilepsy is a chronic brain dysfunction syndrome caused by a variety of causes. Long time use of computer, watching TV and playing games are the main factors inducing epilepsy. Family members are not allowed to change the drugs and dosage at will. Whether increasing or reducing the drugs or changing the varieties of drugs should be carried out under the guidance of doctors.