What substance does coronary heart disease need to add, and?

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Many people don't know about myocardial infarction, but those who know it should be familiar with it. Food is the material closely related to our life. We have to rely on food to provide nutrition for our body. For patients, they need more nutrition. The main experience to share with you is what substance coronary heart disease needs to supplement, and?.

What substance does coronary heart disease need to add, and?

First, less salt and more potassium. It is not only in salt that there is a lot of sodium, but also in foods such as soy sauce and pickled products, such as bacon, canned food, ham and fermented food with alkali. Patients with these high sodium foods should also pay attention to eating them carefully.

Second: less sugar, less fat and more vegetables. Hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypercholesterolemia are always the risk factors of heart disease. Therefore, we should pay attention to eating less sugar and fat and more vegetables in winter to prevent heart disease. So should eat less cholesterol content high food, such as viscera, egg yolk, fish eggs, crab roe or cream.

Third: eat less processed meat and more nuts. In winter, bacon, sausage and other processed meat products are indispensable food on people's table, but heart patients should pay attention to eat less, because the salt and chemical preservatives used to process meat are not good for health, so if you often eat this kind of food, it is easy to suffer from heart disease or diabetes.

matters needing attention

In the same family, similar living habits, diet structure and living habits, as well as parents' smoking leading to children's smoking, or passive smoking, can cause family tendency of coronary heart disease. If the family members of people with myocardial infarction can change the bad living habits such as high fat diet, high calorie, high salt, smoking and drinking together, and pay attention to strengthening physical exercise at the same time, the incidence of myocardial infarction will certainly be reduced.