What are the symptoms of a cold?

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Influenza is so normal. Few people have never had this disease. It's an infectious disease. Will infect others, so ah, we can't change influenza, what are his symptoms.

What are the symptoms of a cold?

Cough. This is also the third most common symptom of influenza. Cough contains a lot of bacteria. So when you cough, you can also infect others with influenza. So we should always pay attention to this. Be careful to infect others.

Runny nose, runny nose is also one of the symptoms of influenza. Influenza is caused by a virus. So runny nose is also a way to expel virus. However, if you have a runny nose for too long, you will feel headache, which is also quite uncomfortable.

sneeze. Sneezing is the most common symptom of influenza. It's hard to sneeze. So suffering from a cold is very hard, so we must go to early treatment. You can't take care of it.

matters needing attention

Keep optimistic mood, long-term adhere to appropriate exercise, such as walking, jogging, fitness equipment exercise, in order to enhance the physique, improve adaptability. It should be rich in protein, vitamin and inorganic salt, low fat, low bile, less grains and less salt