What is the self-help method of mental anxiety disorder

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Mental anxiety disorder has a great impact on our lives. Many times, because of anxiety disorder, some dangerous things happen, so we have to take self-help measures. Now I will introduce the self-help methods to you.

What is the self-help method of mental anxiety disorder

First, mental anxiety can be treated with drugs, the use of tricyclic antidepressants, it is to imipramine, chlorimipramine effect is better, the starting dose should be small, such as imipramine can start from once a day before going to bed, the next day increase, the general treatment dose of 150mg, individual need to more than 300mg.

Second, psychological treatment should be adopted to make patients fully understand the disease, so that they can analyze the causes of their own onset, seek countermeasures, eliminate hypochondriac psychology, reduce anxiety and worry, and break the vicious circle.

Third, mental anxiety is treated by traditional Chinese medicine, which advocates the combination of treatment and conditioning, soothing the liver, benefiting the kidney, strengthening the spleen, calming the heart and calming the mind, regulating qi and blood, balancing yin and Yang; at the same time, it enhances human immunity, improves human biological rhythm, and improves cell vitality.

matters needing attention

Now we know how to treat quality anxiety disorder, but we need to pay attention to that anxiety disorder must be treated under the guidance of doctors to prevent adverse events.