Is right upper abdomen unwell stomach disease

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I always feel uncomfortable in my upper abdomen these days. It seems that I have a dull pain in my stomach. After drinking hot water, I feel more comfortable. However, I feel uncomfortable again soon. I went to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The doctor said that my intestines and stomach are not good. I just need to take care of it. But after so long, it's still not good. Today, let me talk to you about the right upper abdomen discomfort is stomach disease.

Is right upper abdomen unwell stomach disease

First, there are many causes of epigastric pain. The most common cause is stomach diseases, but some are not stomach diseases, such as liver, gallbladder and pancreas diseases. Stomach diseases include gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, gastric cancer, gastric mucosal prolapse, etc.

Second: long term high-fat diet, long-term drinking, recent right upper abdominal needle like pain, general upper stomach pain in the left upper abdomen, rarely in the right upper abdomen, right upper abdominal pain more common in gallbladder, liver disease. You can go to the hospital to do a B-ultrasound to see the liver and gallbladder, in order to rule out the possibility of these diseases. In the future, you should drink less, eat less greasy food, strengthen physical exercise and control your weight.

Third: may be gastritis or gastric ulcer, gastroscopy should be done after diagnosis, you should take domperidone before meals, suffering from gastritis, should eliminate all kinds of possible pathogenic factors, such as avoid eating strong stimulation of gastric mucosa diet and drugs, smoking and drinking. Pay attention to food hygiene and prevent overeating.

matters needing attention

The harm of stomach disease to human health can not be ignored, if it can not be treated in time, effectively curb the development of the disease, then it will produce peptic ulcer, even upper gastrointestinal bleeding, directly endangering the lives of patients, so once the symptoms are found, it is necessary to timely treatment.