What is the reason for white hair?

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A few white hairs grow on the head, which is obvious in a black hair. It affects the aesthetic feeling. If you want to pull out the white hair, you are afraid that it will grow more and more. Many people occasionally have a few white hairs and want to pull them out because they think they are not beautiful. However, there is a folk saying that "the more white hair is pulled out, the more white hair is pulled out". So what's the reason for white hair? Let's talk about it

What is the reason for white hair?

Some people's white hair is caused by heredity, such as albinism. This kind of genetic disease will cause people's eyebrows and hair to turn white. Of course, there are also some hereditary white hair that is not caused by albinism, but the hair will also turn white. This is what we often call "less white head". People with these two types of white hair belong to congenital white hair. They lack melanin in their hair follicles or can't show black normally. No matter how the outside world changes, plucking and medication will not change the white of their hair. They are also the most difficult type of white hair to treat.

Postnatal causes of white hair are many, such as common malnutrition, lack of trace elements and vitamins; Mental pressure, there are many ancient "night white head" saying, that is, mental pressure is too big, resulting in a large number of white hair. This kind of white hair is generally temporary, as long as you pay attention to good conditioning and rest can generally be improved.

Hair is the appendage of the skin. Like other organs and tissues of the body, it also needs adequate nutrition. If the diet in the long-term lack of copper, cobalt, iron these trace elements, will affect the synthesis of melanin, so that hair from black to white. In addition, according to medical clinical observation, if the body lacks protein, vegetable oil, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 for a long time, it will also lead to hair turning from black to white.

matters needing attention

It's better not to pull out the white hair at will. Although the white hair will not be pulled out more and more, it will damage the health of the hair follicle. Therefore, when there is white hair, you should seek other treatments instead of pulling it out. Although pulling out white hair will not make white hair grow more and more, it is still unscientific and will damage our hair follicles, so we should remind our friends who want to pull out that one or two white hairs to be careful.