Common complications of psoriasis

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My elbow, elbow, armpit, vulva on both sides of the arm often itch unbearably, sometimes be pulled out of calluses. For three or four years, I have used dermatitis skin and Wuji ointment, but the effect is not so good. Later, the hospital opened Piyanning tincture, after a period of time, these symptoms have improved, let me talk about the common complications of psoriasis.

Common complications of psoriasis

Symptom 1: the predilection site of psoriasis in the early stage is limb extension, followed by trunk, scalp and hairline. The initial symptoms of psoriasis began to be red papules or macular papules with the size of millet to soybean. Later, the rashes gradually expanded and increased, and could fuse into pieces.

Symptom 2: the initial symptoms of psoriasis, scales are easy to be scraped off, after scraping off scales, you can see a layer of reddish translucent shiny film, continue to gently scrape film, there are sieve like small bleeding points, scales, film, bleeding points.

Symptom 3: typical performance for the realm of clear, different shapes and sizes of erythema, around the inflammatory halo. Slight infiltration and thickening. The surface is covered with layers of silver white scales. The scales are easy to scrape off, and the translucent film is light red and bright after scraping, and small bleeding points can be seen after scraping the film.

matters needing attention

For patients with psoriasis, we should have a persistent attitude to the treatment of this disease. In daily life, we should also correct some bad habits, develop good habits of daily life, eat more good food for the body, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and do some physical exercise properly.