How does adolescent corner of the mouth psoriasis treat

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Last year, I had a piece of psoriasis on the corner of my mouth. After a year's treatment, it has been basically cured. Psoriasis is very stubborn. Many patients asked me how to cure it. Suffering from psoriasis should be paid attention to from many aspects. Here is my experience on the treatment of psoriasis.

How does adolescent corner of the mouth psoriasis treat

First, suffering from psoriasis, first of all to enhance the physique, psoriasis and other skin disease patients are relatively weak, vulnerable to some external stimulation and the infection of some epidemic diseases, so it is very important to strengthen the body, patients should exercise more to enhance the physique, improve immunity and resistance, so that the disease is not easy to invade.

Second, because everyone's condition of psoriasis is different, so we should treat it according to the etiology. Because the etiology of psoriasis is complex and diverse, the best way to treat psoriasis at present is to find out the etiology according to the patient's condition, combine internal and external treatment, and treat the symptoms and signs simultaneously, so as to ensure the recovery of psoriasis as soon as possible.

Third, psoriasis is very easy to relapse, skin disease is a disease that is easy to relapse, the traditional single drug treatment is difficult to achieve complete clinical cure, some patients will reduce medication, stop medication will aggravate, so it is recommended that the treatment of patients must be scientific, standardized comprehensive treatment, in order to achieve the purpose of treating both the symptoms and the root causes, and not easy to relapse after recovery.

matters needing attention

Psoriasis is a kind of skin disease. Generally, the cause of the disease is complex. We should pay more attention to it in daily life. It is suggested that patients with psoriasis and other skin diseases should not eat spicy and irritating food. Beef and mutton are hot and fishy food. Seafood is an allergic food and should not be eaten as much as possible. Wine should be drunk as little as possible.