How to treat hyperplasia keloid

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I had a big scar on my leg when I fell on my bike. It's very conspicuous. It's better in winter, but I have to wear shorts in summer. It's very ugly. I want to get rid of it. The doctor treated me, the symptom alleviates somewhat, how to treat hyperplasia keloid this problem? Let's talk about how to treat hypertrophic keloids.

How to treat hyperplasia keloid

Method 1: mechanical stimulation: it is to stimulate the skin with special instruments to promote the growth of the skin. The advantages are small skin damage; disadvantages are manual operation, slow and unstable effect. It is suitable for single superficial concave scar.

Method 2: laser grinding: this kind of concave scar repair method has no bleeding after treatment, and the recovery is relatively fast. At present, high energy pulsed CO2 laser and pulsed erbium laser are commonly used in laser grinding.

Method 3: grinding: the scar is ground with an electric rotary grinding head. Advantages are targeted, fast, less treatment times; disadvantages, bleeding points, minimally invasive, need to bandage, machine and personnel operation experience. Suitable for large area scar and pigmentation.

matters needing attention

For such a disease: improve diet, eat more amino acid food. Eggs, lean meat, fruits, skin and other foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, these foods can promote blood circulation, improve epidermal metabolism. Avoid spicy food such as chili, onion and garlic.