How to treat pyloric canal stenosis

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In life, we should avoid the occurrence of pyloric stenosis in time. First of all, we should understand what is pyloric obstruction. As we all know, when there is an ulcer or inflammatory lesion near the pylorus, it stimulates the pylorus sphincter, causing spasm or pylorus edema. The resulting obstruction is called pylorus incomplete obstruction, or partial obstruction. It is only temporary, but it can also have repeated attacks. There is also a situation, because of the scar tissue formed after ulcer healing, or adhesion after gastric surgery, because of cancer invasion of pyloric sinus, the result can cause pyloric stenosis and obstruction, this kind of obstruction is very difficult or can not be alleviated, called complete obstruction. How to treat pyloric stenosis? Let's talk about it.

How to treat pyloric canal stenosis

First, the general pyloric obstruction patients should not be emergency surgery, such as after 3 to 5 days of gastrointestinal decompression, the patient can resume diet, the condition gradually improved, that spasm and edema factors have been eliminated, can continue to observe. Repeat barium meal examination if necessary. If the decompression is ineffective, it means that it is cicatricial stenosis and surgical treatment must be taken.

Second: the treatment of pyloric obstruction can use gastrojejunostomy, its method is simple, the short-term effect is good, the mortality is low, but because of the high incidence of postoperative anastomotic ulcer, it is rarely used now. For elderly patients with weak body, low gastric acid and poor general condition, it can still be considered.

Third, highly selective vagotomy and pylorus dilatation have achieved satisfactory results. Patients with pyloric obstruction should be well prepared before operation. Gastrointestinal decompression was performed 2 and 3 days before operation, and gastric lavage was performed with warm saline every day to reduce gastric edema. Blood transfusion, infusion, improvement of nutrition, correction of water electrolyte disorder.

matters needing attention

If the short-term medical treatment is ineffective, it shows that scar contracture is the main factor causing pyloric obstruction. After operation, most of the patients got satisfactory results. We should treat ulcer actively to prevent obstruction caused by spasmodic, edematous and cicatricial pyloric stenosis.