Which circumstance suits to do nose plastic surgery? The length of the nose

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The nose will play a lot of roles in our face. Even if the nose is not good-looking, your face image will also be affected. Because the nose is in the center of the body, it's not right to do plastic surgery if you feel that your nose is not good-looking. There are also some cases of nose plastic surgery. You can also do nose plastic surgery if you want to Do nose plastic surgery, first to know their nose is what kind of situation, is not suitable for nose plastic surgery. Now let me tell you something.

Which circumstance suits to do nose plastic surgery? The length of the nose

First: crooked nose plastic surgery, that is, their nose shape is different from other normal nose, that is, they will look at the situation of a little tilt, some nose this situation is because of nasal congestion symptoms, the main operation is to correct, take out part of the cartilage inside the nose, correct the nasal septum, if the correction is nasal bone will appear again crooked Song.

Second: short nose plastic surgery, that is, your nose will be shorter, to a certain extent, the operation will be difficult, need to allocate nasal cartilage, but also can not make your nose tip injured, can maintain the length of your nose, to increase the length of the nose, is the need for more professional and skilled doctors.

Third: rhinoplasty, we will see that the back of the nose is relatively high, and the tip of the nose is sagging, so we need to remove the too long cartilage, and then correct it. After correction, we can slightly adjust the lower tip of the nose, so as to form a more perfect curve.

matters needing attention

After the nose plastic surgery, if the preparation before the surgery is very sufficient, it is not enough, or the nursing work after the surgery is also the presentation of the effect of your nose, and the successful nose plastic surgery can only be done well.