Medicine for mastitis

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It's also a coincidence that I saw a piece of introduction about mastitis and some preventive methods in a newspaper a few days ago. Although I can't recite the whole article like this, I can still tell you some of the little knowledge in it. Then I suggest that you can learn from my experience. Today, let me introduce some drugs for treating mastitis.

Medicine for mastitis

The first: mastitis this disease also can use dietotherapy method. Can also use some small folk prescription to treat. And prevention. I'd like to introduce you to some minor prescriptions. Use a crucian carp. Raw Astragalus 15 grams. Ten grams of Dangshen. Then use 10 grams of white peony. Five grams of tangerine peel. After scaling the fish. It's eviscerating the fish. Then put these herbs into the stomach of the fish. After sewing with thread. Put it in the pot and simmer. This method is a good way to prevent mastitis on a diet.

Second: 500 grams of soft shelled turtle. Stir fry 15 grams of Shanjia. Stir fry ten grams of Acanthopanax. Fifteen grams of dandelion. Forsythia 10 grams. Eviscerate the turtle. Remove the tail. Claws. Head and neck. Then cut it into pieces and put it into a soup bowl. Crush the four herbs. Put it in a gauze bag. Put it around the turtle. Add onion, ginger, yellow rice wine, extended suet and other seasonings, add appropriate amount of water, steam for two hours on the steamer. After the turtle is cooked. Pick up the medicine bag and you can eat it.

Third: 20 grams of white fungus. Twenty grams of black fungus. Ten grams of green skin. Fresh purslane 30g. Thirty grams of Tongcao. Fry the medicine well. Then take the juice, white fungus and black fungus with water bubble open. Then put it with the juice. Put it in the pot. Bring to a boil over high heat. Simmer over low heat for 2-3 hours. After the black and white fungus are ripe. Thick juice is good, with a small amount of brown sugar, mixing can be used.

matters needing attention

Another point is also very important: the most effective way to prevent mastitis is to timely discharge the accumulated milk, which helps to dredge the mammary duct. There are many ways to discharge milk, such as manual milking, sucking pump, massage and so on. But no matter which method is adopted, we should try our best to discharge the silted milk and dredge the mammary duct.