Symptoms of impotence

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Male impotence often after erection hardness is not high, or erectile function almost lost. Impotence makes men unable to meet women's requirements for sex, and over time makes men lose confidence in life, resulting in a serious blow to men's self-esteem. Unfortunately, about 50% of men have different degrees of impotence. Many impotent patients do not actively receive treatment, and their condition is delayed and aggravated. So we must pay enough attention to male impotence, and actively do examination and treatment, so as to make the disease recover as soon as possible.

Symptoms of impotence

Some impotence patients are caused by organic lesions, after the onset of penile erection is almost impossible, and with the passage of time impotence phenomenon will become more and more serious, eventually leading to the loss of erectile capacity. Impotence caused by organic lesions must be examined and treated immediately.

Impotence patients have some accompanying mental symptoms. For example, some patients with impotence at the same time also feel too nervous, or have been in anxiety, depression, fear, worry and other psychological. Such a man, let alone impotence, even sexual desire is extremely low.

Male impotence symptoms vary, some patients simply can't erect, also can't complete sexual intercourse. Some impotence patients are not strong after erection, after insertion of a short period of time on the weak. Impotence in young people is mostly caused by early ejaculation due to sexual excitement.

matters needing attention

Male friends with impotence usually can exercise more, don't stay at home all day. Don't work too hard, pay attention to relax. Try to communicate with your wife as much as possible, and both sides should have enough trust to achieve harmonious relationship between husband and wife.