How is sudden halitosis to return a responsibility?

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Halitosis has a direct impact on the physical and mental health of patients, but also will harm the whole family. Don't think that bad breath is just caused by unclean mouth or forgetting to brush your teeth. In fact, there are many reasons for halitosis, most of which are caused by our physical function problems, such as liver disease, stomach disease, kidney disease, lung and other diseases. However, the taste of halitosis varies from disease to disease, so we can distinguish disease from odor. What's the matter with sudden bad breath?? Do you know? Today, let me learn how to have bad breath suddenly?.

How is sudden halitosis to return a responsibility?

First: improper cleaning: improper cleaning of the oral cavity. After a long time, the tartar accumulated in the gingival groove and the food embedded in the teeth will ferment and rot, causing bad breath.

Second: diseases: some bad breath is caused by diseases. Some gastrointestinal diseases, such as peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis, functional dyspepsia, may be accompanied by halitosis.

Third: gastrointestinal food: eat too much, indigestion, especially when the human body operation is not smooth, the body constipation, unable to carry out normal metabolism, the body toxin can not be timely discharged from the body, there will be halitosis.

matters needing attention

After getting up in the morning, halitosis is particularly serious. Saliva secretion is reduced during sleep, and tongue and cheek muscles are basically at rest, which is easy to cause halitosis.