What symptom is leucorrhea of water sample

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Abnormal leucorrhea is a common gynecological disease. Normal leucorrhea is colorless, tasteless and transparent, but many women have abnormal leucorrhea due to their daily life habits or the stimulation of inflammation. However, we must not ignore the problem of abnormal leucorrhea, because long-term treatment of abnormal leucorrhea is easy to cause pruritus of vulva, This will greatly increase the chance of vulvitis. So how is leucorrhea abnormal to show clear water sample to return a responsibility

What symptom is leucorrhea of water sample

First, when women usually secrete too much estrogen, they are easy to have leucorrhea like water, because if female friends usually secrete too much estrogen, they will have a sudden increase in the amount of leucorrhea in the premenstrual period, or even a clear water sample. Sometimes they will have the same feeling as the holiday, but they find that it is not when they check it, so, Excessive secretion of estrogen is the main reason for female leucorrhea to become watery.

Second: in addition to the reasons mentioned above, women usually have too much sex can also lead to leucorrhea. Therefore, it is suggested that female friends should pay more attention to the number of times of sexual life in peacetime, not excessive indulgence, and take three or four times a month as the appropriate time. Try to keep the pudendal dry, usually try to shower is the best. Therefore, moderate sex life is also one of the ways to reduce leucorrhea.

Third: the stimulation of inflammation, especially married women, when the partner suffering from balanitis or foreskin is too long, it is easy to appear infection, when women appear vaginal itching, leucorrhea water samples, we should pay attention to whether there is vaginitis, then you should go to the women's clinic in time to do endocrine test, timely cooperate with the doctor to actively treat.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that female friends should pay attention to their personal hygiene habits and sex habits, keep regular sex life, do not overindulge, and try not to eat raw and cold food, especially in the cold winter. Raw and cold food can also lead to leucorrhea to a certain extent.