How does lumbar acid return a responsibility after induced labor?

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This is the most unfortunate year for me. I was pregnant at the beginning of the year. I was still taking contraceptives before I became pregnant. At that time, I was worried about whether the fetus would be affected by the drugs, and the development after birth was different from that of normal children. The doctor told me, don't worry too much, there's no big problem. Later, after three months of pregnancy, I went to another hospital for prenatal examination, and the doctor advised us not to have this child. In desperation, I had to do induced labor surgery. After a period of rest, I went to work. After induced labor waist acid is how to return a responsibility, tell everybody now.

How does lumbar acid return a responsibility after induced labor?

First: women can do induced labor operation within 16-24 weeks of pregnancy, because of the special reasons of the fetus or the mother, choose to do induced labor operation, induced labor operation is the operation of forcibly terminating pregnancy reaction. After the operation, the patient's body and mind are in a relatively weak state, it is recommended to have more rest.

Second: after induction of labor, the patient has symptoms of backache, which may be due to sitting for a long time. At this time the uterus has not fully recovered, patients can take some medicine to restore the uterus and anti-inflammatory drugs. Low back pain after induced labor, it may also be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, if diagnosed, you can eat penyanjing anti-inflammatory treatment.

Third: in order to actively prevent the symptoms of backache after induced labor, the first thing women should do is to have more rest. A month after induction of labor can be some simple physical exercise, can make the body recover faster. Induced labor Hu, patients should pay attention to diet nutrition, do not eat spicy stimulating food.

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The above is about the relevant answers about the lumbar acid after induced labor, I hope it can help you. Induction of labor and childbirth are the same thing that need to consume a lot of physical strength, so we must take good care of our body.