What does gout eat more good

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Summer is coming, gout patients are also growing, gout patients summer diet is very important, but gout attack and diet are closely related, how to improve diet to better treatment, below I share some diet matters for gout patients, hope to help you.

What does gout eat more good

Tea, coffee, juice, soda and other beverages, corn porridge, noodles, hollow noodles, bread and other cereals, all kinds of vegetables, fruits and nuts, eggs, dairy products, cream products, butter, chocolate, etc. in addition to the above mentioned vegetables with medium purine content.

15 g peach kernel and 160 G japonica rice. First, mash the peach kernel like mud, add water to grind the juice, remove the dregs, and cook porridge with japonica rice.

500 grams of pumpkin. Cut into 3cm cubes; 250g beef, cut into 2cm cubes. Add proper amount of water to beef, bring to a boil over a high fire, add pumpkin, ginger and scallion and cook. After the beef is cooked, season with pepper and salt. It has the effect of Tonifying Qi, anti inflammation and relieving pain.

matters needing attention

In addition, we can choose drugs to reduce uric acid production, such as allopurinol. Acute joint pain, swelling and heat pain can be used, such as: indomethacin, ibuprofen, colchicine tablets, etc., to relieve joint pain symptoms.