Is pregnant inchoate symptom a week body temperature?

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After many women are pregnant, many women feel some abnormal symptoms at the initial stage, that is, they feel different from before pregnancy. After they are pregnant, they always feel tired, and their appetite begins to become particularly bad. At this time, their body temperature may be a little higher, which is different from the basic body temperature. If it is serious, they may feel breast swelling and pain, In the early stage of pregnancy, there will be nausea, and like to eat sour food, so the symptoms of early pregnancy a week body temperature? Let's talk about it.

Is pregnant inchoate symptom a week body temperature?

1. Women's initial symptoms generally begin to change from appetite, and at this time progesterone hormone affects the symptoms, which has an important protective reaction with the fetal health in the body. In the early stage of pregnancy, the basic body temperature will start to rise. If menstruation does not come during this period, then pregnancy is very likely.

2. In the beginning, women's areola will begin to darken, and their breasts will become more painful. Breast changes and menstrual breast symptoms are similar, pain amplitude is more obvious than before. Pregnant vomiting is also a symptom of early pregnancy, especially like to eat some sour food, but these conditions will improve after four months.

3. In the early stage of pregnancy, women have more secretions. Early pregnancy women will appear frequent urination symptoms, uterine enlargement will compress the bladder, leading to frequent urination, and may often appear constipation, constipation is generally positive, drink more water, or drink more honey.

matters needing attention

Women in the first week of pregnancy generally have some normal pre pregnancy symptoms, which are different in everyone's mind, so we should pay special attention to raising the fetus. Be sure to eat well at the beginning and avoid all strenuous exercise.