How to become a vegetable

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My aunt had some accidents, so unfortunately she became a vegetable. We were all in grief. Later, the doctor gave us some advice to help my aunt wake up. Let me share with you.

How to become a vegetable

First: as a family member, we should give more care to my aunt. Because although vegetative people have no consciousness and cognitive impairment. But they often respond to auditory stimuli. So family members should chat and tell stories with him as they usually do with normal people.

Second, doctors will give physical therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aunt every day. This treatment is very important, because it is helpful to aunt's condition. It can improve the blood circulation of the brain, promote the activation of the reticular structure and the reconstruction of brain function.

Third: every day to help aunt massage hands and legs, because this can avoid aunt due to long time immobility lead to joint stiffness, but also can stimulate her feeling.

matters needing attention

If you take too much of any medicine, it's possible, but its side effects are also very big. So it's not very clear which kind of medicine can cause vegetative.