Can liver cancer be cured completely in early stage

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Drinking often is harmful to the liver. I used to like drinking very much, but now I have given up drinking, because my cousin suffered from liver cancer because of drinking. He had surgery in the early stage of liver cancer, and now he is still in the recovery stage. I am very weak. Let's talk about whether the patients with liver cancer in the early stage can be cured!

Can liver cancer be cured completely in early stage

First of all: liver cancer patients in the early time of cure is still a great chance, do not give up. According to the incomplete statistics of patients with early-stage liver cancer, the diameter of patients with early-stage liver cancer is less than 5 cm. After surgical treatment, 70% of the patients have a 5-year survival rate, some of them have a survival time of 10 years, and even have a life expectancy of 30 years.

Secondly: the key to the cure of liver cancer patients lies in early detection and early treatment. Not only that, the mentality of patients also plays a very important role in whether liver cancer can be cured, so once liver cancer is found, patients should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time, and also have a good mentality.

Finally: there is another very important point. Paste warlock's folk prescription is popular now. Many people even believe in the folk prescription and ignore the treatment. In this way, it's easy to miss the best time to treat liver cancer. This is also the reason why many liver cancer patients can't be cured.

matters needing attention

In short, once early liver cancer is found, we should not give up treatment or even lose the will to survive because of fear. On the contrary, we must maintain a balanced attitude, actively accept and cooperate with treatment. Patients can eat more foods with high vitamin content and less spicy food is more conducive to health.