What reason is finger below half swollen

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Finger joint appeared swelling and pain feeling, a more common thing, many people have rheumatoid arthritis, some people if suffering from chronic arthritis and other diseases, may also cause such symptoms, so to the regular hospital for examination, to avoid excessive pain due to finger joint, resulting in finger movement force is limited, serious In this case, it may also cause finger dysfunction, and even affect daily life and work, so it is necessary to check as soon as possible.

What reason is finger below half swollen

First: some people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, which may cause swelling and pain of finger joints, which is also a common symptom. If patients with rheumatoid arthritis encounter wet weather, it may lead to more severe disease.

Second: if some patients have ankylosing spondylitis, which causes swelling and pain of fingers, and the symptoms are more serious, the patients may have finger immobility, and some may have local swelling, which can be regulated by acupuncture.

Third: finger joint swelling and pain are generally caused by finger diseases. I think if there is finger trauma, it may also lead to this symptom. There may be obvious pain symptoms in the early stage of onset. If it is not adjusted in time, it may lead to local stiffness and difficulty in movement.

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There are many symptoms of finger joint inflammation. If some people have joint dislocation, it may also cause finger immobility and pain. If there is local mosquito bite, it may also cause this symptom.