How is angina pectoris of right chest returned a responsibility?

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? I believe many people are curious about what causes the symptoms of chest pain, so let's first introduce the right chest pain. Want to know friends, might as well take a look at it.

How is angina pectoris of right chest returned a responsibility?

First: intercostal neuralgia is not frequent, but sometimes there will be. Especially tired, sleep too deep, a position makes a rib compression time is too long. Sleep with the window open to cool one of the intercostal muscles. Do a certain action when intercostal muscle traction injury, this will also cause chest pain.

Second: pneumothorax refers to the gas into the pleural cavity, resulting in gas accumulation state, known as pneumothorax. Pneumothorax is also one of the causes of chest pain. The inducing factors of pneumothorax were strenuous exercise, cough, lifting weight or upper arm, weight lifting, defecation and blunt injury.

Third: because some other diseases can also cause symptoms of chest pain, such as pleurisy, breast hyperplasia, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer and pancreatic disease and other diseases will appear the phenomenon of chest pain.

matters needing attention

Whether it is deep breathing right chest pain or right chest pain, as long as there is pain, we should go to the hospital for examination, in order to avoid some more serious situation.