How is tit flow milk to return a responsibility

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I have done sterilization operation, and it is impossible for me to get pregnant again. But now there is an abnormal situation, that is, the nipple has the phenomenon of flowing milk. Although there is not much milk, there is a small amount of milk spilling every day, and sometimes the milk is a little yellow. After going to the hospital and being treated by the doctor, my condition has been improved. So, nipple flow milk is how to return a responsibility, understand together.

How is tit flow milk to return a responsibility

First: those who are not pregnant, not giving birth and have milk secretion, or have stopped breast-feeding for more than half a year but still continue to lactate, may be caused by the following breast diseases.

Second: breast hyperplasia, hyperprolactinemia, breast intraductal papilloma, breast cancer.

Third: to the hospital to do a breast examination, see a doctor to check the breast B ultrasound, serum sex hormone levels.

matters needing attention

Special remind everyone: usually pay more attention to health, often clean, don't wear too tight underwear, don't squeeze into the breast, don't worry, angry, relax.