Can uterine displacement be recovered?

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I don't know why I have stomachache 2 days before my menstruation, and my waist is sore and weak. Each menstruation lasts more than 7 days. Go to the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and say it's uterine displacement. And only when menstruation will shift, menstruation go, on the recovery. I'm dubious. Because before I went to the hospital to take X-rays, there was no problem. I also heard that it's better not to take X-ray for menstruation. Uterine displacement can be divided into two cases, one is retroflexion, which is also the most typical uterine displacement, the other is anteflexion. So I wonder if uterine displacement can be restored?

Can uterine displacement be recovered?

Patients must know that the position of the uterus is often related to sleep posture. Women who have long-term supine sleep after abortion are prone to uterine displacement. If these women insist on prone position sleep or chest knee lateral position for a long time, the position of the uterus can be corrected. This method does not need special treatment, and the uterus displacement can be cured. However, for patients with symptomatic postposition of uterus, the key to treatment is to reset the uterus. It is suggested to go to a professional hospital for detailed examination and treatment according to the condition.

Patients can choose drugs to treat uterine displacement is a conservative treatment, this method can only play the role of adjuvant treatment, can not fundamentally cure the disease, the frequency of use in treatment is not too high. Chinese medicine can also be used to treat uterine displacement. In fact, it is similar to western medicine, but Chinese medicine can quickly help you adjust your qi and blood, and it is also very helpful for the adjustment of the body.

Patients can be treated by surgery. Surgical treatment is divided into conservative surgery and radical surgery, semi conservative surgery, auxiliary surgery. These different surgical methods are also selected according to the actual situation of the patients during the treatment. We must choose professional doctors for the operation during the treatment. Only in this way can we ensure the safety of the operation.

matters needing attention

Patients must pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life, pay attention to rest, do not be too nervous, must avoid mental stimulation and emotional fluctuations, pay attention to the combination of rest and leisure, keep a happy mood, reasonable diet and nutrition. Or we must pay attention to the usual life, try not to eat spicy food, must eat hot things.