Symptoms of cleft head depression?

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Sparganum mansoni is known as the sparganum mansoni. Its adults live in the intestines of cats and dogs, and occasionally in the intestines of human beings. The eggs are excreted with feces, and the larvae hatch in water. After the larvae are eaten, they continue to develop sparganosis of the central nervous system. In short, it is a parasitic disease. If the parasite eating spargana enters the body and enters the brain with the blood, it will produce the symptoms of vomiting, convulsions, fainting, epilepsy and so on. Brain crack head depression symptom? Let's talk about it.

Symptoms of cleft head depression?

(1) The vast majority of patients with ocular sparganosis have used frog meat and snake skin to apply on the eyes and used local methods to treat eye diseases. It can also be applied to caries with frog meat. Sparganae can penetrate the oral mucosa and migrate to the eyes through subcutaneous tissue, causing orbital infection. Clinical manifestations are eyelid swelling, conjunctival congestion, redness, photophobia, tears, itching, pain is not obvious, repeated attacks: nymphs invade the retrobulbar tissue or anterior chamber, there may be severe inflammation, causing eyeball protrusion, retrobulbar cellulitis, anterior chamber empyema, iris synechia, secondary glaucoma, vision loss, and even blindness. Most of them are unilateral, sometimes involving both eyes. The course of disease is from several years to more than 10 years. Unless the worm is removed by operation or crawls out automatically, the inflammation will subside and recover.

(2) This type of subcutaneous sparganosis is mainly caused by local skin sores or wounds, which are pasted on raw frog meat or eaten raw frog or snake. The main manifestations are subcutaneous nodules and masses with different sizes, 0.5-5cm in diameter, wandering, round or cord like, medium hardness, no adhesion to the skin, itching or crawling sensation, enlarged original lesions and purulent, There are even white worms crawling out. If complicated with infection, there may be red, swelling, heat, pain and other inflammatory reactions: subcutaneous mass biopsy can find worms, and the diagnosis can be made by identifying the species of worms. The predilection sites were limbs, chest and abdominal wall, breast, external genitalia and neck.

(3) Most of the oral and facial sparganosis is caused by the application of raw frog meat to caries. Sometimes there are subcutaneous nodules or masses on the cheek, behind the ear and neck, with different sizes and diameters of 0.5-1.5cmj. Occasionally, the masses are broken and some insects climb out.

matters needing attention

For most urban people who have normal eating habits and use safe water supply system, it is not likely to have high-risk behaviors such as eating tadpoles and sticking raw frog meat, and it is also unlikely to be infected by polluted water source, so the focus of prevention is on drinking.