What can membranous nephropathy eat

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Recently, my cousin often called for low back pain, and he couldn't do anything. He often felt very tired, and his appetite was not as good as before. It was just unbearable. The doctor said it was membranous nephropathy. Now I'll tell you what membranous nephropathy can't eat.

What can membranous nephropathy eat

First, patients with membranous nephropathy should drink fresh vegetables, fruits and water; do not eat hot food, such as pepper, litchi, chocolate, etc. Especially Yin is purple tongue and pulse delay, chest tightness, abdominal distension, blood stasis.

Second: serious edema should avoid salt in protein food, drink less. Edema is not heavy, low sodium diet, no swelling, unlimited water and protein food intake; microscopic hematuria, should eat more water, eat more apples, sugar, black sesame, Auricularia auricula and so on, to food ziyouhuo.

Third: Patients with membranous nephropathy often have high blood pressure in the period of intense activity, should not eat more animal fat, in order to prevent the increase of blood lipid; should increase sweets, vegetables with high carbohydrate, do not eat stimulating food, do not eat greasy food.

matters needing attention

Membranous nephropathy is a kind of nephropathy which is difficult to recover. Therefore, patients should pay attention to their usual eating habits besides receiving regular treatment. They can't eat stimulating food. Only when they correctly cooperate with food therapy can the disease get better quickly.