What is the reason for the red dot on the top of the head

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There are red spots on the top of the head, which may be caused by folliculitis. It's easy to have some folliculitis on the body. It often occurs in the hair. There are some substances in a big bag. Today I would like to share with you the reason why there are red spots on the top of my head.

What is the reason for the red dot on the top of the head

Reason 1: it may be the symptom caused by folliculitis. May be folliculitis, may be related to stay up late, stay up late, easy to induce this kind of folliculitis, need to go to the dermatology examination, if you support folliculitis, you can use Iodophor to do local smear treatment, and pay attention to avoid staying up late, eat less spicy food.

Reason 2: folliculitis is the inflammation of purulent cocci invading the hair follicle mouth, which is limited to the upper part of the hair follicle. It can be divided into purulent and non purulent. It is more common in patients with low immunity or diabetes mellitus. It occurs in the head and neck. It is called scalp folliculitis.

Reason 3: folliculitis begins with red plump papules, and then rapidly develops into papular abscesses, and then dry, scab, scab off without leaving traces. The number of rashes is large, but not fusion. It is necessary to see a dermatologist to make treatment after the diagnosis of the cause

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Folliculitis patients try to avoid direct touch or grasp with their hands, which may cause serious infection.