How did face grow a lot of freckles to do

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There are some black spots on the bridge of my nose, more and more. I grow freckles. After years of treatment, I don't go down. With the growth of age, freckles on my face are also increasing. A few days ago, I began to try to use the method of freckling to get rid of the spots on my face. Many friends have hereditary freckles on their faces. Many people want to know how old the hereditary freckles appear. Now I'm very happy Tell you some freckle method!

How did face grow a lot of freckles to do

First of all, everyone's genetic freckles are different. The age of onset is generally 5-18 years old. After 18 years old, they will not grow any longer, but the original spots will not fade by themselves. Spots are the result of pigment deposition in the skin, it is impossible to achieve the effect of freckle with skin care products. Special freckle removing products may have certain freckle removing effect, but they all contain a lot of heavy metals, which are corrosive products. When freckle removing, it will cause irreversible damage to the skin, so it is not recommended to use them.

Secondly, freckles appear on the face, don't use some freckle removing products casually. Although freckles are hereditary spots, they are the best solution among all the spots, which can be completely removed without leaving any traces. At present, the most widely used technology to remove freckles is laser. Generally after 3-5 times of treatment will achieve the effect of thorough removal. It is suggested that you go to the regular medical plastic and beauty institutions for the treatment of freckles, and do not use freckle removing products casually.

Finally, there are some simple methods, you can also desalinate freckles, drink a cup of tomato juice or commonly used tomatoes every day, to prevent freckle has a better effect. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione, glutathione can inhibit melanin, so that the pigmentation subsides or disappears.

matters needing attention

If you have hereditary freckles on your face, you are afraid of sunburn. You must pay more attention to sunscreen in your daily life. If you are outside, you should prevent direct sunlight on your face. When you go out, you should wear a sun hat or umbrella, or apply sunscreen on the exposed parts Grind half a tomato into paste, add two drops of glycerin, put it in the refrigerator, apply it on your face once a day, and stick to it for a period of time. Freckles will fade naturally.