How is light cervicitis treated

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Cervicitis is a common disease in women of childbearing age, divided into acute and chronic cervicitis. Clinical chronic cervicitis is more common, mostly from acute cervicitis. Today, let me share with you how to treat mild cervicitis.

How is light cervicitis treated

Treatment 1: silver nitrate solution or iodine: carefully smear the affected area with cotton swab sticking drug. After using silver nitrate, it should be smeared with normal saline to make the excess silver nitrate become non corrosive silver chloride. Two times a week, 4-6 times as a course of treatment, if necessary, can be repeated.

Treatment 2: potassium dichromate solution: smear the affected area carefully with cotton swab, apply the medicine once after menstruation, and repeat once after next menstruation. Sometimes the effect is better for those with larger erosive surface. Before the application, the cervical mucus was cleaned with Bromogeramine, and two cotton balls were placed in the posterior fornix to prevent the vaginal mucosa from being burned under the drug flow. After finishing, take out the cotton ball, and then wipe the application area with alcohol cotton swab.

Treatment 3: the treatment of cervicitis must be symptomatic, different symptoms of the treatment is not the same, only adjust measures to local conditions in order to achieve the best effect.

matters needing attention

Cervicitis is also a cause of abortion, cervicitis tissue changes, elasticity decline, will make the labor process is not smooth; serious cervicitis harm will also affect sex life.