Eat protein powder for muscle strain

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Nowadays, many young people, including children, like to exercise and go to the gym. Some people even need moderate exercise in order to exercise their strong muscles or to lose weight. They need to take it step by step according to their own system. They can't eat a big fat man or hot tofu all at once. As we all know, they have no control The final result of your exercise will be a muscle strain. Can muscle strain eat protein powder?

Eat protein powder for muscle strain

The right way is to apply ice for 30 minutes when I just pull it. I can't start to rub it immediately. In this way, more blood will be produced from the blood vessels. First, ice compress the blood vessels and rub them 24 hours later. This will soon recover. The first time I squatted and twisted my waist, it took me 2 weeks. The second time I had experience, 1 Just a week

Nutrition treatment muscle, joint strain, sprain can generally self-healing, but suffering from severe pain, or swelling is very serious, to see a doctor in time. And supplemented with the corresponding nutritional treatment, to promote the recovery of patients. Calcium preparations are recommended because calcium is the main component in repairing connective tissue. Common calcium rich foods are beans, bean products, milk, aquatic products, etc. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. And pay attention to reasonable cooking methods to prevent excessive loss of vitamin C.

Meat japonica rice porridge [material] 1 pair of sheep spine, 60g mutton, 2 sheep kidneys, 5 scallions, 60g japonica rice. [production] cut the mutton into shreds, remove the tendons and membranes of the kidney, cook the bone in five bowls of water to three bowls, add the kidney, meat, scallion and japonica rice, and cook the porridge for seasoning. [efficacy] it can strengthen tendons and bones.

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You can't eat raw and cold food for muscle strain. It's better to drink some raw fish soup, which can make the injured muscle cells recover as soon as possible; spare ribs soup and chicken soup supplement calcium to strengthen the body's recovery function; eating beef, mutton, containing more iron, Tianqi stewed chicken, fish and sea cucumber can also speed up the recovery. It's better to drink some hot wine to promote blood circulation. Don't eat raw and cold fruits and food, drink, these things will make the injury worse.