How can it lead to ectopic pregnancy? You don't know the underlying cause?

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At ordinary times, women should pay attention to the health signals brought by the body, even if they have birth control, they should also pay attention to their sudden abdominal pain and other symptoms, in order to prevent danger. Here to share with you the specific causes of ectopic pregnancy, in their own circumstances as far as possible to exclude, timely physical examination. If there are symptoms in this area, it is best to go to the hospital for detailed examination. Now let me share with you how it can lead to ectopic pregnancy.

How can it lead to ectopic pregnancy? You don't know the underlying cause?

First: salpingitis or inflammation around the fallopian tube, resulting in mucosal adhesion, or tubal distortion, dysplasia, muscle peristalsis weakened. It is difficult or too narrow, which prevents the normal operation of the fertilized egg.

Second: uterine disease, uterine fibroids, compression of the fallopian tube, or endometriosis, resulting in ectopic implantation of the pregnant egg, implanted in other parts, the position of the relevant endometrium can guide the implantation of the pregnant egg, the pregnant egg is changed with its position.

Third: if it is on the intrauterine device of women, there are still about 3% of people will be pregnant, so, on the intrauterine device, abdominal pain symptoms should also consider ectopic pregnancy. After repeated abortions, it is easy to cause tubal blockage, fertilized eggs can not smoothly enter the uterus, it is easy to implantation outside the uterus, resulting in an increasing probability of ectopic pregnancy.

matters needing attention

Contraceptives can affect the levels of estrogen and progesterone, and affect the peristalsis of fallopian tube wall.