Mid stage symptoms of ovarian cancer?

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In life, I believe many people know how important the ovaries are to a woman. Therefore, in life, many women attach great importance to the protection of the ovaries, because the ovaries may be hurt inadvertently, which will have a very serious impact on people. However, in life, there are still some women who do not have a deep understanding of the ovaries, It's easy to suffer from some diseases, such as ovarian cancer. I believe many people know its existence. It's a kind of tumor and has a great impact on women's health. So, let's introduce the early and late symptoms of ovarian cancer, hoping to help some people.

Mid stage symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer in advanced stage, also can appear some symptoms, for example; Occasionally, there will be discomfort in the lower abdomen or falling pain in one side of the lower abdomen; The abdomen also has the feeling of swelling, which is caused by the rapid growth of tumor; The tumor may also infiltrate into the surrounding tissues or oppress the nerves, which will cause abdominal pain, low back pain or sciatica. If the yuppie pelvic vein, it is likely to have edema of the lower limbs. Some larger tumors will also oppress the bladder, causing frequent urination, urgency and other problems, and oppressing the gastrointestinal tract will also be affected, Sometimes compression of diaphragm will cause dyspnea and other problems; In the late stage, patients will also appear emaciation; There will be menstrual disorders, vaginal bleeding and other symptoms.

Some women may also have abdominal pain and low back pain, which is caused by ovarian cancer invading surrounding tissues or adhesion with adjacent tissues; In the early stage of ovarian cancer, women may also have edema of lower limbs and vulva; There may also be sex hormone disorders, unexplained weight loss and so on.

Generally speaking, in the early stage of ovarian cancer, hypomenorrhea or amenorrhea is likely to occur, but most patients' menstruation does not change. If the normal ovarian tissue has been destroyed, hypomenorrhea or amenorrhea will occur; Some patients in the early stage of ovarian cancer, there will be abdominal distension phenomenon, if women have this symptom, it is necessary to see a doctor in time.

matters needing attention

It can be seen from the above introduction that ovarian cancer has a great impact on women. After suffering from this disease, women will have a lot of symptoms. Those symptoms not only have a serious impact on women's physical health, but also affect women's psychology and even their normal life. Therefore, women should be treated in time after suffering from this disease, In the process of treatment, to cooperate with the doctor's treatment, but also to maintain a good attitude, for the improvement of the disease has a certain role.