How does cold have phlegmy to return a responsibility?

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Many cold medicine on the health of the fetus will have an impact, so many pregnant women in the face of a cold regardless of medication and very uncomfortable, in fact, for pregnant women, diet is the best way to treat a cold. For example, drinking chicken soup in life can relieve the symptoms of cold. Now I'd like to share with you how a cold with phlegm is going on?.

How does cold have phlegmy to return a responsibility?

First: a cold with phlegm is an inflammation of the throat, which is usually caused by bacteria. The more severe the inflammation, the longer the time, the slower the recovery.

Second: in this cold season, we should pay more attention to maintenance, usually pay attention to diet nutrition, moderate exercise, enhance body resistance, body resistance can reduce the incidence rate.

Third: often cold friends in peacetime should drink more water, daily intake of 2500-500 ml of water is the best, help to reduce fever and sweating, eat more vitamin containing vegetables and fruits, eat less greasy or fried food.

matters needing attention

Moisten dry food. Winter climate is dry, eat more Runzao food, good for children's health. Radish has a strong function of moving Qi. It can also relieve cough and phlegm, moisten throat and clear throat, reduce Qi and appetizer, remove dryness and generate fluid, cool and detoxify. As the saying goes, "if you eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, you don't need a doctor to prescribe a prescription", that is, radish has good health care function. There are many different ways to eat radish. You can eat it raw, salad, stir fry and make soup.