Too intense kiss harm, oppressive venous sinus suffocation?

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It's not surprising that couples kiss enthusiastically. The role of hormones. I heard a report some time ago about a newly married couple who died of suffocation because of intense kissing. Young people are full of blood. It's not good to be too fierce. Now I talk about the harm of kissing, hope to help you.

Too intense kiss harm, oppressive venous sinus suffocation?

First: if the intense kiss is easy to forget. It's easy to bite the other side when you are not careful. It's easy to cause infection. If you accidentally suck the other side, or when you have oral disease, you can kiss hot at this time, and the bacteria in your mouth will easily infect your blood. If you have oral injury or disease, don't kiss.

Second: we all mistakenly think that kissing is not allergic, but I used to be too ignorant, leading to mouth swelling. It may be that you eat food that makes people allergic. It takes a long time for the residues in your mouth to be completely decomposed after eating. When you eat food that your partner will be allergic to, and you don't clean your mouth, you unintentionally hurt your partner.

Third: while kissing, there will be communication on the tongue, and if it is too intense, especially when kissing the neck, it is easy to oppress the venous sinus and suffocate. And both sides are exchanging saliva, and there are a lot of bacteria hidden in the teeth, which also enter your body with saliva. Don't swallow saliva when kissing.

matters needing attention

When kissing, you should grasp the degree, not too intense. I wish you a happy life.