What do esophageal cancer patients give

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It's very difficult to eat. I always feel that my throat is blocked and it's difficult to swallow food. I feel uncomfortable all over. I learned that there are many ways in the process of treatment. Let me share with you today.

What do esophageal cancer patients give

First, radiotherapy. Such treatment is gradually accepted by people, and many patients will benefit from such treatment. In recent years, the treatment of esophageal cancer is widely used. According to the different conditions of patients, it can be divided into external radiation and intracavitary radiation, preoperative radiation and postoperative radiation. Radiotherapy is the first choice for the treatment of cervical and upper thoracic esophageal tumors because of its high trauma, high incidence of complications and less radiation damage.

Second: TCM treatment. It brings less side effects to the patient's body, and fundamentally treats the disease, so in the treatment of esophageal cancer, traditional Chinese medicine therapy is very popular. What kind of health preservation method should be adopted? The patient must treat according to their own symptoms and the doctor's suggestions, so as to recover safely.

Third: surgical treatment. Such treatment has always been the treatment of cancer, many patients will adhere to such treatment. For a long time, surgical resection is the traditional treatment of esophageal cancer, especially for early resection can often achieve radical effect. However, due to the fact that advanced patients often have tumor metastasis, immediate surgical treatment is not recommended.

matters needing attention

For the occurrence of esophageal cancer disease, we must be positive and optimistic in the face, only intuitive in the face of their own disease, there will be confidence in treatment, patients will have health hope. We hope you can choose the appropriate treatment. In addition, life care will help you recover as soon as possible.