What's the reason for men's cold hands and feet

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In life, there are many men in winter, often appear some cold hands and feet phenomenon, in fact, cold hands and feet symptoms are mainly caused by kidney deficiency symptoms, so patients want to make themselves in winter, not afraid of cold, they should eat more warm food, such as some jujube soup, bone soup and so on is very important OK, so as to effectively supplement the heat in men's body, so that men won't have cold hands and feet in winter. Of course, there are other reasons. Let's analyze them.

What's the reason for men's cold hands and feet

First: if male friends are thin and deficient in cold constitution, they are most likely to have cold hands and feet symptoms, because this type of people's blood circulation is often poor, and it is easy to make the mechanism of temperature regulation disorder, then cold hands and feet will appear. It is suggested that patients should strengthen exercise at ordinary times.

Second: if a man's blood sugar level is too low, or when there are symptoms of hypotension, then there will be cold hands and cold feet. We know that food is an important source of heat for our body. If people lose weight excessively and their blood sugar is too low, their hands and feet will be cold.

Third: of course, when the clothes are not warm enough, especially in winter, some male friends wear less clothes. If their hands and feet are cold, it means that there is a problem in the temperature allocation. If they wear several more clothes, but their hands and feet are still warm, they need to go to the hospital for examination.

matters needing attention

Through the introduction of the reasons for men's cold hands and feet in winter, we know the reasons. Of course, it may also be because of the pressure of tight work, or the pressure of time, and so on. It will also make the hands and feet cold. As long as it is after the tense period, it will gradually warm up.