Late symptoms of cervicitis?

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Now many women, if they don't pay attention in life, will start to have many diseases, more often see is cervicitis, this disease is very harmful to women and infection, let's explain the symptoms of cervicitis later?.

Late symptoms of cervicitis?

Symptom 1: the main symptom of cervicitis is the increase of leucorrhea. Acute cervicitis leucorrhea is purulent, with lower abdomen and lumbosacral pain, or bladder irritation such as frequent urination, urgency and pain. Chronic cervicitis leucorrhea is milky mucinous, or yellowish purulent.

Symptom 2: severe cervical erosion or cervical polyps, can be bloody leucorrhea or bleeding after sexual intercourse. When the inflammation spreads to the pelvic cavity along the uterosacral ligament, there may be lumbosacral pain, lower abdominal distension and dysmenorrhea.

Symptom 3: every time in defecation, sexual intercourse aggravation. In addition, sticky purulent leucorrhea is not conducive to the essence through, can also cause infertility. So once there are abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea, or abdominal pain, need to take timely treatment measures.

matters needing attention

The emergence of cervicitis, can be treated, of course, early treatment can be through drugs, but also pay attention to their usual eating habits, of course, now the treatment of drugs are good.