How does pancreatic cancer have a fever during chemotherapy do

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Pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease, and the harm it brings to patients is also relatively serious. Some time ago, my uncle found out that he suffered from pancreatic cancer, which was alleviated by chemotherapy under the advice of his family. The treatment effect is relatively good. Now I will tell you about how to deal with fever during chemotherapy of pancreatic cancer.

How does pancreatic cancer have a fever during chemotherapy do

For patients with pancreatic cancer this disease, should be timely to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, fever is a clinical symptom of many diseases may occur, many cancer patients will also have fever. It is suggested to go to the hospital for reexamination to understand the treatment effect and recovery, and adjust the medication under the guidance of the doctor when necessary. Due to the different conditions of different patients, it is suggested that the medication should be carried out under the guidance of the doctor, and it is not recommended to use the medication by oneself, so as to avoid causing danger.

Fever can regulate the functional state of the five zang organs and six Fu organs through state therapy, restore the balance of yin and Yang and the balance of Zang and Fu organs, make the balance of Qi and blood reach the harmony of human, nature and internal environment, eradicate the survival soil of cancer cells, and fundamentally control the metastasis and diffusion of cancer cells.

It is because during the transitional period of vigorous proliferation of cancer cells, because the blood supply can not meet the needs, a large number of cancer cells will be necrotic and liquefied, and the necrotic and liquefied cells can release thermogenic substances, thus raising the patient's temperature. Pancreatic cancer patients with fever can take some antipyretic drugs under the guidance of doctors.

matters needing attention

For patients with pancreatic cancer should be early to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, for patients to timely correct bad habits, in the diet to light food, avoid contact with spicy and other stimulating food, can be appropriate to carry out some exercise to improve their physical quality, to achieve a body health care role, at the same time to actively match Combined with the doctor's treatment, can achieve better therapeutic effect.