How to do if epilepsia occurs frequently

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Epilepsy is divided into small and large seizures, most of the use of drugs to control, drugs did not control, 2 to 3 years about 70% of the people will be cured. Now I would like to share with you my experience on how to deal with frequent seizures.

How to do if epilepsia occurs frequently

Treatment 1: medication according to seizure type: antiepileptic drugs have the best effect on one type of seizure, but have poor or ineffective effect on other types of seizures, or even have the opposite effect. For example, Ethylsuccinate has the best effect on absence attack, but has no effect on other types of attack. Phenytoin (phenytoin sodium) is effective for tonic clonic seizures. It has been reported that phenytoin sodium can induce absence seizures. Clinically, antiepileptic drugs can be selected according to the types of epileptic seizures.

Treatment 2: the choice of medication time: clear diagnosis of epilepsy is the premise of medication. If there are two or more seizures within one year, medication should be given. The recurrence rate of the above mentioned symptoms was found in 27% to 82% of the patients with or without the first episode of PSG It can be delayed for clinical observation. If the patients have definite predisposing factors, such as drug and alcohol, fatigue, tension and photosensitivity, these factors should be removed first. After observation, medication should be given according to the situation.

Treatment 3: long term drug use: once the drug and dose that can completely control the attack are found, it should be used continuously. Generally, if there is no adverse reaction after the attack is completely controlled, it can be considered to stop taking the drug for 3-5 years. Different treatments should be made according to the etiology, attack type and attack frequency. If there is a history of encephalitis, birth injury history of symptomatic epilepsy medication time should be long, complex partial seizure withdrawal should be careful. Patients with frequent seizures and abnormal EEG should also take long-term medication. The dosage should be reduced gradually when the drug is stopped, and it should not be less than half a year from the beginning to the end.

matters needing attention

If magnesium deficiency, in addition to affecting bone formation, it can also lead to muscle tremor and mental tension. Magnesium rich foods include millet, corn, red beans, soybeans, celery, beef liver, chicken and so on.