What reason is pudendal Sao urticant

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It is impossible for people not to get sick. The disease is likely to happen to you and me. Vulva itching is a very common disease in our life. Vulva itching is a common symptom. There are many reasons for this symptom. In general, there are special infections, such as mycotic vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis, diabetes, pubic lice, scabies, pinworm disease, etc. in addition, chronic vulvar dystrophy, drug allergy or chemical stimulation, bad health habits, skin diseases, etc. are the causes of this symptom. Let's share some experience.

What reason is pudendal Sao urticant

First: pudendal Sao itching is mainly due to the toxic water in the blood, which can not be discharged by the kidney, and it is shown on the skin. At this time, we use targeted Chinese medicine to recuperate from the inside, so as to achieve the goal of radical cure.

Second: pudendal itching may also be a harbinger of gynecological diseases, such as vaginal diseases, cervical diseases, vulvar diseases, etc. it is recommended to go to a professional hospital for relevant examination, and timely treat symptomatically under the guidance of doctors.

Third: the emergence of such symptoms, first is to pay attention to personal hygiene, followed by close fitting clothes to often disinfect, and then is to use some external lotion; such as Jieeryin, skin health and so on to treat.

matters needing attention

Appear this symptom, must keep vulva clean and dry, avoid scratching. It is not suitable to eat spicy food, and the effect is very good. Frequently change underwear and wash it with warm water. Do not mix it with other clothes to avoid cross infection.