What symptom does cerebral infarction have?

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Cerebral infarction is a disease with high incidence rate and acute onset. This disease in the early stage will have some disease precursors, because the performance is not obvious, so it is easy to be ignored. So as to aggravate the disease of cerebral infarction. Paying attention to the symptoms of cerebral infarction and timely prevention and treatment of the disease can prevent the aggravation of the disease. What symptom does cerebral infarction have? Let's talk about it.

What symptom does cerebral infarction have?

Transient visual impairment: paroxysmal attack, blurred vision or visual field defect, symptoms of cerebral infarction in more than an hour to recover. This is caused by the occlusion of central retinal artery or branch retinal artery due to the decrease of cerebral blood flow, but there is no cerebral nerve sign, which can be regarded as the early prediction signal of cerebral infarction.

Frequent yawning: This is caused by the gradual aggravation of cerebral arteriosclerosis, narrowing of lumen and increasing cerebral ischemia and hypoxia. According to statistics, the symptoms of cerebral infarction in 5-10 days before the onset of cerebral infarction, frequent yawning, up to 80%. So don't ignore this signal.

Hand numbness caused by neck twisting: when the head turns to one side for shaving, the fingers suddenly feel weak, the razor falls to the ground, some can't speak clearly, and recover after 1-2 minutes. This is because when you turn your head, it causes the carotid artery that has already hardened to twist, aggravating the result of stenosis. This phenomenon is enough to warn people that cerebral infarction can occur at any time.

matters needing attention

Patients should pay more attention to whether they have this kind of disease in their daily life, find the disease in time and treat it in time.