Two days before the death of liver cirrhosis symptoms?

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Many people have bad living habits, such as smoking and drinking. In the long run, it often leads to the occurrence of diseases, such as liver disease. Severe liver cirrhosis patients will have some very bad symptoms in the late stage. Let's learn from the text.

Two days before the death of liver cirrhosis symptoms?

First, gastrointestinal symptoms; Experts point out that anorexia is the most common late symptom of liver cirrhosis. Patients often suffer from obvious loss of appetite. After eating, they feel discomfort in the upper abdomen, fullness, nausea, and even vomiting.

Second, bleeding tendency and anemia; There are often epistaxis, gingival bleeding and other symptoms. Ascites of liver cirrhosis was formed; Patients often have difficulty walking, and sometimes the diaphragm is significantly elevated, resulting in breathing and umbilical hernia.

Third: endocrine disorders. Many patients will have more obvious decline of liver function, which directly leads to the decrease of estrogen inactivation and the increase of estrogen secretion.

matters needing attention

Patients should strictly cooperate with the doctor's treatment. Attach great importance to their own health, diet should not be excessive, to maintain a reasonable degree.