How does darling eat breast milk to pull thin to do

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There are a lot of baby diarrhea is due to eating milk powder, my friend's baby has been breast-feeding, but there will be diarrhea, then, how do babies eat breast milk diarrhea? Here is an introduction.

How does darling eat breast milk to pull thin to do

First of all, generally mild physiological diarrhea without treatment, the mother can continue to breast-feeding. In this way, the baby will gradually adapt to the prostaglandins in breast milk, the lactase will gradually mature, the enzyme activity will increase, and gradually be able to decompose, digest and absorb lactose, and gradually improve with the increase of complementary food.

Secondly, in terms of diet, you can feed 100ml fresh soybean milk and 5g glucose instead of milk, which can control the physiological diarrhea. Soybean milk should not be used alone for a long time, but fish protein should be added gradually. The specific method is to use 180ml rice soup to make 5g fish protein. Generally speaking, the baby can feed 3 times a day.

Finally, if there is a serious breast milk diarrhea, to timely and baby to the hospital for examination and treatment, generally in the treatment of drug use, try to use Chinese medicine, at the same time can also use acupuncture method for treatment, the effect is very good.

matters needing attention

Breast milk diarrhea should be prevented at ordinary times, mainly from the baby's daily life and eating habits, and the mother's eating habits and living habits will also have a serious impact on the baby's diarrhea.